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Little Major Audio Mastering

Since 1993, Little Major Audio Mastering has been providing high-end audio mastering to the world. Though they are located in Belgium, they make their services available worldwide because they believe their acoustical engineering is on a level by itself.

Owned and operated by Philip Opdebeeck, Little Major Mastering has built an excellent reputation for its acoustically neutral environment (tuned and calibrated). Philip has 20 years of full time experience as a skilled senior audio mastering engineer. He has produced thousands of masters in virtually every genre of music throughout the world.

Though this extensive experience gives him a better depth of knowledge in the music industry, his true genius lies in his creative understanding of music and harmony theory. Philip Opdebeeck is himself a musician with relative and perfect pitch and he counts this as an enormous advantage when working with clients.

Little Major Mastering offers its clients the best analog and digital signal processing tools available today for truly superior sound production.  Every master produced has its own unique sound quality. Each master is clear, vastly dimensional and distinct, and delivers exceptional impact to the average listener.

Philip Opdebeeck considers himself a music nerd in search of perfection. His experience, gear, musical and technical knowledge affords him the confidence to say that his masterings are a true Art Form. Once you’ve listened to them, you’ll agree.

Online Mastering, E-Mastering :

Little Major Mastering also offers artists, musicians, producers or record labels an easy, affordable method of getting their music mastered through the internet. Registration is simple and you can begin uploading your music immediately.

Philip himself will approve your mixes. This is a great way to produce quality mixes in a cost-effective, real-time collaboration. This mastering solution is fast and convenient and you won’t lose sound quality. You’ll be extremely pleased with the superior sound quality you receive! Please contact Philip at Little Major Mastering for more information on this unique service.

Below are our most commonly asked questions and answers. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, then please contact us.

Q. What is Mastering and why should I consider it?

A. Mastering can be called the final creative and technical step between your mixing and the manufacturing of your product. Even if your mix sounds great, our service will vastly improve the final sound. By using special mastering gear, and adding our creative insight, we enhance your mix to a new level. This takes a great deal of dedication, discipline, lots of knowledge and time to develop.

I know, feel and understand the different genres of music and am a musician myself. 

Music is my life and I’ve created a unique blend of technical skills and professionalism along with the highest quality mastering equipment available today.

My unique room (acoustics) and speaker system allows me to hear and master details in your mixes that you’ve never heard before. Using a combination of outstanding analog and digital mastering equipment, almost perfect hearing (relative and absolute) and a lifetime of experience, our studio will push your mix to its sonic limits.

Our goal is perfection! I am able to hear the various sounds in a completely different way than a mixing engineer, and I will polish your mixes so that you are competitive in the market. With or without sufficient experience, a person with a mastering suite plugin bundle on his computer is not able to deliver the same amazing results.


Q. What is Unattended Mastering and is it safe to order? 

A. This is also called E-Mastering or Online Mastering and it is performed in this manner. You do not sit with me during the session. Instead, you simply upload the mix(es) to my secure server and I do the mastering for you.

Using my creative feel and technical expertise, I significantly enhance your mix. 

Once I get a confirmation that your music has been uploaded, I check your mixes and when approved I then begin the process of mastering. When this is done and ready for you to download, I will contact you. This is a cost-effective means of giving your music the professional mastering it deserves so that it can truly shine.


Q. Do I need to register?

A. Yes, please fill out the registration form completely. I will need your detailed information in order to create your invoice and have a proper understanding of your project.  Once you fill out your registration form and return it to me, you will receive an email with your registration details, along with the login and password you chose.


Q. Can I offer input concerning the mastering of my song(s)?

A. Yes, of course! While I do consider your input, I also believe that my own creative and technical expertise will greatly enhance and finalize your product and I know that you want your music to be the very best that it can be. You can also upload a reference track of an artist and/or band together with your track(s) to be mastered.


Q. Do I check my mix(es) before I upload them for mastering?

A.Yes, of course and I will also check your uploaded mix(es), but do whatever it takes to create a great mix. If you have doubts, listen to the mix on different speakers or headphones. Ask other people to listen, making sure everything is clear, bright, leveled properly, in tune, in tempo, and at the highest possible resolution before you upload.

If you are mixing in 24 bits, don't dither down to 16 bits; leave this task to me. I can do a better job with 24 bit files than with 16 bit files. Check for sibilance in the vocal, kick/bass relationship. Also check the phantom image and the full stereo image, and avoid unnecessary A/D, D/A conversions. Lastly, check the mix for clicks, crackles, noises, hum, glitches and so forth.

Of course, I will check that too but it's actually the responsibility of the mixing engineer and he has a much easier method of fixing the problem(s). We recommend that you go into the mix, take the problem track(s) and change or adapt what's needed.

Run some mixes with different headroom and experiment with some plug-ins or outboard gear (mute/unmute) on the individual (instrument) tracks. Leave the overall (stereo buss) equalizing, (dynamic gain) leveling, compression etc. for me to do. I have the right tools and experience for that job. Mastering is not just about making the song louder or really loud. We strive to produce a cohesive, polished sound.

I understand the process it takes to create a great mix, and I am well pleased to assist you, if needed, in crafting the best possible production/mix before I start the mastering process.


Q. Does Little Major Mastering provide audio (vinyl) restoration?

A. Yes we do. We can restore your old vinyl records. You can upload your audio files through our secure server, or send them to me by postal mail or courier. 


Q. How does Little Major Online Mastering work?

A. Anyone, anywhere in the world can upload tracks via the internet and have them mastered by our studio. The process is easy. Simply send me an email about the services required, then register and upload the tracks to my secure server.  I will check your uploaded mix(es), and send  you my comments via email. At that time, I will ask you to make the payment.

Once I receive your payment, I will begin mastering your music and keep you posted on how things are going. When the tracks are ready, I offer them for download, either as downloadable files (.WAV file and/or DDP 2.0 files + Checksum + PDF Timingsheet files) through the website or by post for physical formats (Audio CD + PQ encoding+PQ sheet or CD with DDP 2.0 files + Checksum + PDF Timingsheet).

We use a Disk Description Protocol (DDP), which is a software written generic disc image file format used for uploading mastered audio cd data to the manufacturing plant. You can provide me LC (label copy), the ISRC codes, CD text and UPC if you want them on the master CD or DDP. You can obtain PQ reference copy for a CD, and/or a 1:1 copy of the DDP if you want.


Q. What do I need to provide to Little Major Online Audio Mastering? How do I prepare my mix for mastering?

A. Provide me with an uncompressed sound file(s) .WAV, .AIFF, .AIF, or .SD2. Any of these will work just fine. I will create fade-ins or fade-outs.

Each version or mix of a track is counted as a separate track and track duration must be no longer than 10 minutes. If you have a mix longer than 10 minutes (i.e. a DJ mix of 60-70 minutes) please contact me for pricing.

Upload your original mixes without any mastering plug-ins.

Do not upload compressed file formats like .mp3, wma, real, etc. These are inferior audio formats which destroy harmonic content irreversibly. There is no decent way to master these; they simply do not contain enough data.

I accept uncompressed stereo .WAV, .AIFF, .AIF, .SD2 format files with a bit depth of at least 16 bits (preferably 24 bits) and a sampling frequency of at least 44.1 kHz. For compilations, delivering 16 bit 44.1kHz (cd quality) will be sufficient.

Right click/properties/summary (PC) or get info (Mac) where a stereo 16 bit 44.1 kHz file will also indicate a bit rate of 1411 kbps.

Check the megabytes of the file. A 16 bit 44.1 kHz (cd quality) audio file should be around 10 megabytes per minute stereo, meaning a track of let's say 3 minutes will be around 30 megabytes. Your file will have more megabytes when sample rate and/or bit depth increases.

While mixing, you can compress and EQ every track in the mix like you want it. Just do not put a limiter or mastering plugin(s) on the stereo bus of the complete mix (no processing on the master buss of the mix).

I need headroom to perform mastering EQ, compression, dynamic gain leveling, and level adjustments. I must also make sure the track has headroom. It has to breathe! -3 to -6 dB full scale is fine. 

If needed, make playback and/or instrumental mixes too (mute the voices and/or backings), so I can run them through the same settings as the main mix.


Q. What types of master formats are accepted by Little Major Mastering?

A. Lossless audio file formats:

·         .WAV, .AIFF, .AIF, .SD2

·         Minimum 16 bit (preferably 24 bit

·         Minimum 44.1 kHz

For compilations, delivering 16 bit 44.1 kHz (cd quality) will be sufficient.


Q. What type of master format does Little Major Mastering NOT accept?

A. No compressed audio file formats. No .MP3, .AA3, .MP4, or .WMA


Q. Will we work until you are absolutely happy?

A. Yes, I will revise the mastered song if needed. I want you to be totally satisfied with the results. We have to listen to each other, send each other emails, and call each other. Communication is extremely important to master exactly what you have in mind.

Occasionally, someone will receive their mastered song(s) and not be 100% satisfied. This doesn't mean the mastering engineer is not good at his job or capable enough. We all perceive music in a different way. Sometimes I revise a song a few times before finally bringing it to its sonic limits.

Some clients are easy to work with and some are difficult, but when it comes to mastering your product, you deserve my best and I do try to give that to every client.

Again, we all perceive music in different ways. Some of us enjoy less bass and less compression. Others prefer just the opposite. Communicate with me, and together we will create an exceptional product that both you and I will be proud of.

I can produce a number of excellent references. I do masterings on a daily basis, one experience after the other. This is not a part time job for me; it’s my life’s work but I still learn a lot every day.

I believe that I have sufficient experience and expertise in this field to know what I’m talking about and I appreciate it when clients listen to what I have to say. I do listen to you, and take into consideration your needs, wants and desires; that’s my job. If you have reasonable requests, then I will make them happen. But it goes the other way too. If I ask you to make a better mix or to adjust something, please try it so we can fix the problem, and produce a great master. Remember that I cannot do miracles with only a stereo track.

In my experience, these are the most common results with online mastering:

  • You are 100% happy and satisfied with the results.
  • You ask me to revise some details. I listen to you and make the adjustments, within reason.
  • You are not 100% happy with the results, but you do not let me know about it. (That's not good for either of us.)
  • You provide me with a bad mix, sometimes (totally) distorted with no headroom, sometimes out of tune (instruments and/or vocals). I will ask you to make adjustments, and then it is up to you whether we can create the finished product that you are looking for.


Little Major Mastering is Gracenote Content Partner:

As a member of the Gracenote Content Partner Program, a network of over 3,000 record labels, distributors and companies, including the four major record labels (Universal, EMI, Sony and Warner) and the largest digital distributors (Consolidated Independent, Ingrooves, IODA, Iris, Discmakers, Finetunes, eOne and The Orchard) Little Major High-End Audio Mastering can submitt your gracenote content to the Gracenote Media Database, currently accessed by over 300 million users across the world via top consumer electronics, such as:

  • Desktop Applications:  iTunes, Sony Media Go, Nero and Songbird
  • Mobile: MusicID by Gravity Mobile on iPhone, TrackID on Sony Ericsson handsets, MusicPhone by AT&T
  • Home: MusicID and VideoID on the LG Blu-ray Disc Player, MovieIQ on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment products, MusicID and VideoID on Control 4 Media Managers
  • Auto: Playlist Plus, Cover Art on the Ford SYNC and MediaVOCS

Little Major Mastering can submit your CD data as early as possible to receive the maximum benefits of this program, which include:

  • Music Recognition – Gracenote’s MusicID enables people to discover relevant artist, album, track and label information for songs they hear on the radio, TV, or even in a retail store or club.
  • Certification of Data – Data you submit through the provided software will be automatically locked so that while you may still edit your data, end-users cannot override or change the information related to your discs.
  • Recommendations and Links – Recognition of your content generates links to e-commerce sites where users can purchase related digital downloads, ringtones and more.

Little Major Audio Mastering Gear List:

I'm in search of perfection. After testing almost all available pro-audio and mastering gear throughout my 20 years of being a professional full-time mastering engineer, the following lives in my studio because they are simply the best! Some are tailor-made (made or fitted especially to a particular use or purpose) and all of them are affectionately used on a daily basis:



Very bit correct, just great, anxiously awaiting for the new Grimm A/D/A demo unit though.

*Apogee SE’s

PSX100 Special Editions, custom modified, rightly calibrated still going strong, great sound, simply great converters.


As their website states: unprecedented measured and sonic performance in asynchronous sample rate conversion.

*Custom Grimm Audio LS1 Speakers

Custom ones with custom remote. Grimm mentions, "Housed in one of the two legs are a 48/76-bit DSP, digital I/O, AD/DA, the same clock circuit as our CC1 master clock and the drive electronics, encompassing two 180W Class D power amplifiers of the groundbreaking HypexNCore type”. Unbelievable clarity and detail. DiyAudio member rhodes54 in the Diyaudio forum wrote: “It is fast as the speed of light and musical at the same time. Transients are fired at you like missiles and the stereo image is just breathtaking. Everything is just there at the moments it should be there.” I couldn’t say it better. The transparency of the best digital sound - without the harshness - in combination with analog warmth - without the hiss and distortion, the best I’ve heard, and I’ve heard many (mastering) speakers.

*Avantone Mix Cubes + Harman

Passive ones, since I don’t like the sound of the active ones. New ones need some playing hours to wake up and set the cone, well built, ideal reference/judging for  systems such as televisions, clock radios, computers, car stereos, iPod docking stations, etc. No comparison to the Grimm’s but that's the whole point. If it sounds good on both, you’re way ahead. The Harman Kardon amplifier gives the hi-fi power.

*Grado Labs Headphone PS-1000

What can I say? I’ve never encountered a better headphone than the PS-1000. Once used, there's no way back. I will order a few more.

*Sennheiser Headphones HD-580-600-650

Used as reference, just for the fun of it, comfortable wearing though.

*AKG Headphones

Used as reference, when you want to hear half of the sound of the Grado at half of the volume.

*Charter Oak SP-1 Headphone

For the price, surprisingly good, very comfortable, delightful sound.

*Grace Design M904B

Great build, great sound, great specs, I love it!

*Grimm Audio CC1's

Definitely turns every other master clock pale. Unique sound quality like ultimate musical timing and stability of tone. Thank you, Grimm!


*Vertigo VSM-2 Full

Outstanding build quality, very precise rotary knobs, good level compensated AFL solo - M/S, build in harmonic generators - two independent circuits, 2 inserts you can’t live without (fixed insert order though, but it doesn't bother me), parallel compression for L/R and M/S and so on. A fantastic backbone, worth every penny.

*Dangerous Liaison

Simple, straightforward, flexible, does the job, excellent complement, however, no stepped parallel blend switch, which is a shame and blending goes over 100%. Why?


*GML 2030

Dream dynamic gain controller, the best of the best, almost perfect control - calibration, amazing hard and soft knee, incredible boost, dual PSU's, very tight low end, internal Master Threshold Reference to 16 dBu to wake him up. Low noise floor, clean as clean can be, (the 8900 sounds a little sweeter but isn’t a match for this beast), lacks soul so it needs the companionship of a compressor - preferably in parallel - that gives some vibe and tube warmth. My desert island unit, zero pumping, all other compressors make me nervous compared to this one, except the Charter Oak and the Maselec MLA-2 and MLA-3. Like Gearslutz member 4blades wrote: "GML 2030, hyper-transparent, it can be so punchy you won't believe it in hardknee mode andsoft'n'nice in softknee mode. The ability to manipulate the peak/fast/slow aspect of the sound is so flexible!" Thank you, George!

*Maselec MEA-2

I love Maselec! They’re well built, have perfect switches, a perfect layout, low noise, and this one has much better low end, thank God! Very precise and very clean, like Gearslutz member Paul Gold wrote: “It's great for unsexy tasks that need to be done in mastering. You can play around in the midrange without leaving fingerprints very well. There is a real difference between say 617Hz and 665Hz even at a wide bandwidth.” I couldn’t say it any better.

*D.W. Fearn VT-7 Custom

Great build, magic fairy dust - everything that runs through it sounds better. Wonderful companion in parallel with the 2030 - but only in parallel. I wouldn’t use this one full blown - it colors too much for that and it pumps a little too, which I don’t like. Custom outboard fan - switchable, the mastering room is dead quiet so that I can hear my own heartbeat (the computers are in a different control room), so the fan of the VT-7 is the only thing that makes noise.  Luckily, Douglas put an extremely quiet fan in this unit, but when I work I switch the fan off. The ventilation is ok, but no stepped switches (it would lose its sound) - so I calibrate its L/R every few days. I like the unit very much; it’s one of a kind. It gives me a good feeling, and it sounds absolutely gorgeous.

*Roger Schult UF-2 Custom

EQ heaven, custom made and custom power supplies, needle sharp to horizon broad Q’s, 2 x full parametric 5 band hi-end filters. What can I say? Simply great!

*Maselec MLA-3

The only multiband compressor that works! Very low noise floor like all Maselec’s and does not destroy the music. Additional EQ is not that great (I never use it.), 3 bands with adjustable crossover frequencies and exceptionally accurate summing of these. I would like a second one with different adjustable crossover frequencies.

*Dangerous Bax EQ

The best high and low pass filter curves available, great build, great stepped controls, nice and usable frequency selects, classic baxandall shelving curves, pleasant sounding – not harsh.

*Requisite L2M MkII

The ultimate analog limiter with stellar analog harmonics. Everything that runs through it sounds better! Allows you to hear how awful all software limiters sound. The less the needles move the better. Needs fantastic valves and precise calibration. Every mastering sounds a bit flat without the L2M. This one is better than my former Mark III, which I shipped (and the PSU) back to Danny. Something was wrong with it and Danny was very helpful. Thought I would miss the limiter feedback, but I don’t. I love this machine! Anxiously awaiting to test the Mark IV.

*Waves L2 Hardware

Used digital due to lack of something better. Not used in A/D and D/A, does the job of limiting up to max 2.5-3.0dB, but still better than the software.

*Algorithmix Red-Orange-K-Stereo-Restoration

After listening to all software EQ’s I never thought it would be possible to make a great one. Well, Algorithmix did. In fact, they made even 2. The Red works in the frequency domain and is somewhat softer than the Orange, which works in the time domain, and sounds more analytical. Both are fantastic and used together, you can really “draw”. Both need a lot of IOPS, so I run them on the fastest SSD’s combined with a Max IOPS card. I like both K-Stereo and Restoration more than the hardware Weiss because you don’t have the slight smearing.

*Quantec Yardstick

Stunning transparency and the best room simulator. Can be very handy sometimes, no internal fan – thank you!

*Charter Oak SCL-1 Custom

No pumping, no gasping, sweet color and soul, however, painstaking stereo calibration on the standard unit. Thanks to Michael, the problem is now solved on the custom mastering unit. Needs high input, strange hard - soft knee behavior, better power supply, switches to calibrate inputs and outputs. I use the unit right after the d/a to make the needles bounce just a little.

*Charter Oak PEQ-1 Custom

Same painstaking stereo calibration on the standard unit as the SCL-1. Thanks to Michael now solved on the custom mastering unit. Nice EQ bands, except the first one - the 20/40/60Hz. I like the unit very much. A little twist here and there and voila!


*Jocavi Custom

Acoustic treatment solution for the most demanding ears at its best, and I was also lucky to get their gorgeous Oak 6-feet-tall Woodiffusors.

*Real Sound Lab Coneq APEQ-Pro DIO

As good as the speakers, the room and the acoustics might be, this little problem solver is spot on and does the job with a glance. At first, it felt a bit awkward that the unit doesn’t calculate really flat - the curve is chosen by the company itself (can be edited though). However, the choice they made is great and like a famous engineer mentioned: “No need to get 100% flat, make a great average around the sitting position.” That is exactly what the Coneq does.


*Grimm Audio

And Grimm did it again, making a cable that outperforms all the others providing a surprisingly good separation - an impressive stereo image and a stunningly accurate phantom center. Cabling by Grimm Audio truly provides clean high-fidelity transfers.


*Sterling Modular

Acoustically transparent, beautiful hardwood trims, hand crafted and the preferred standard among the most renowned mastering facilities in the world.

*Herman Miller Aeron

As their website states: “Imaginative design, fast-forward ergonomics and a look so distinctive that it's probably the only office chair that people can identify by name. Adaptable to all sizes and shapes and all the motions you go through every day while seated. Aeron provides healthy comfort and balanced body support with its innovative suspension and easy-to-use adjustment controls.”

Analog and DAT:

*Technics, Panasonic, Sony, Otari

A Few Spotify References

Little Major Audio Mastering References:

(the listing is not complete)


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N: Nylon Moon, Nuwerk City Players, Nina, New London Beat, Nymfo, Najoua Belyzel, Natasha Thomas, Natalia, Narcotic Thrust, Nailpin, Nate James, Nu, Northwest, Nelson Morais, Nick Kamen, Nobody, Noizer & Dr Paddo, Niels William, N'faly Kouyate, Nick Van den Eynde, Nabil Chino

O: One Nation, Orphean, Outwork Ft Mr Gee, Olav Basoski, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Ovis

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Q: Quadran

R: Regg & Arkin, Rap-Sody, Rob De Nijs, Ramses Shaffy, Rio, Royal Gigolo's, Ron Van Beuken, Roger Sanchez, Reeloop, Richard F Cookie, Rudenko, Reborn, Remady, Run From Run Dmc, Rank 1, Ronny King, Romy Costa, Ron Caroll, Rhymes Galore, Red 5, Red Devils, Regular Thang, Robbie Tronco, Rubba J, Robin Nils, Robert Lauri, Ramses Dobbeleers, Redcode, Roy Buchanan

S: Snap Vs Motivo, Sunny, Shyfx & Tpower, She Devils, System D, Seduced, Studio B, Stonebridge Ft Therese, Shane, Sin-Drome/B-Code, Soultans, Skillmasters, Sam Gooris, Sha-Na, Starpilots, Sylver, Stellar Project, Starstylers Ft Michy, Senaya, Sander Van Doorn, Sonny, Syrene, Scooter, Sarah & Dinah King Ft Kid Capri, Sharam, Sidney Samson, Starkoo, Starbound, Soca Girlz, Sonny O’brien, The Sound Bluntz, Sello, Stonebridge, Supafly, Starzoom, Soul Control, Soma Riba, Supermode, Simon, Seamus Haji, Suppaking, Syndicate Of Law, Senature Maze, Spiller, Sunkids, Sash, Sunskape, Soho, Sofie, Sin Trance, Sunny Side Up, Schatteman & Couvreur, Scorp, Snm, Sunsceem, Sabotage, S.W.A.T., Saucerman, Steve Hofmeyer, Samba, Skoere & Camber, Stefanie, S-Plendid, Stef Corbesier, Sarah Bogart, Slawomir Multanski, Sammy Merayah, Sampling, Scorp, Stella Nova

T: Technotronic, Two (2), Tatana, The Strangers, The Freeloaders, The Sunshine, The Samuelz, Twisted Society, The Steppers, Tahoser, Tante Terry, Tasha, Tim Jenson, Tres Bien Avec Ilona, The Lovefreekz, The Sunsets, The Hughes Corporation, T2 Ft Jodie Aysha, Tad, Trix & Flix, The Sunclub, Trillion, Tess, The Maxx, Transfer, Till West, Tony Di Bart, The Oh!, The Moon, The Darkman, Testament, The Jackmasters, Tyfoon, Touch Of Joy, Tnt, The Real K, Tm Jones, Touch It, Tiktak, Tranquilizer, T-Spoon, Tempest, The Mackenzie, Tasha, Tic Tic Tac, The Seatsniffers, Tex, The Romantics, Tango Al Sur, The Neon Judgement, The Employees, Torell's Jive Bugs, Tha Luna, Tonski, The Sunclub, The Rocket, Tio Pepe and the Bordellos, Thomas Estro, The Distroy, Teddy Tolenga

U: Uniting Nations, U & Me, Underdog Project, Unity Power, Uncle Meat, Urbanus

V: Vogue, Veronique, Victor Scott, Viper, Valerie, Vaint 6

W: Wendy Van Wanten, Will Tura, Wannes Van De Velde, Willem Vermandere, Wi-Fi Ft Melanie, Wildboyz, Wim Soutaer, White Knight, Woods & Walt, Wim Leys, William Brothers, West Coast Connection, Wizards Of Ooze, Wizard Hifi, Whoopz, Whytepatch ft. Andriah Arindell

X: Xandee, Xaviera, Xam & Kobla

Y: Ye Man Vs Gabry Ponte, Yamboo Ft Dr Alban, Yves Larock, Your Funky Dj, Yasmine, Yvette, Yves Deruyter, Yaniv Elkayam, Yannick De Pauw

Z: Zolex, Zjef Vanuytsel, Zaboyz, Zippora, Ziv Dayan, ZEF

1: 100X Franse Hits, 100X Summer Hits

2: 2 Fabiola, 2 Deejays, 2shy, 2 Unlimited, 21 Love, 2b Down, 2-B One, 2dance2

6: 666

16: 16th Street Bros.



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M: Marascia Presents The Rumbar, Music Is The Drug, Midem Samplers, More Après Ski, More Crazy Frog Hits, Moederdag, Master Blaster, Megamix Hits, Music For The Millions Greatest Voices, Mijn Restaurant, Maximum Hit Music 2010-3, M-Kids Power Tour, Music For The Millions Orchestra, Motown Classics, Metropolis, Midem Sampler 2001, Metropolis Flight 6, Metropolis Flight 5, Metropolis Flight 7, Midem 2003, Metropolis Flight 8, Metropolis Retro Flashback 2, Mixmasters, Midem 2000, My Name Is Trance, Music Of The World, Megakids, My Name Is Trance, Medley's, Magic Stars, Minit 50 Jaar, Mix Dvd Audio Explosive Car Tuning, Moments In Trance, Mega-Dance, Mega-Retro, Megamixes, Midem 97, Music Man, Milk Inc 15, Maximum Hit Music 2010-3, Ment Tv Vlaamse Hits 2012-1, Maximum Hit Music 2012-3, MNM Summerclub On The Road, Ment TV Beste Uit De Vlaamse Top 10, MNM 1000 Vol.2, MNM Love Songs The Wedding Edition, MNM Party 2013.2, MNM Sing Your Song Summerclub Edtion, MNM Big Hits 2013.3, Les Schtroumpfs Plaisirs D'Hiver, MNM Love Songs Vol4, MNM Sing Your Song Ski Edition, Maximum Hit Music 2014.01, MNM Big Hits 2014.3, MNM Party 2014.2, MNM De Langste Liefde, MNM Party 2015.2, MNM 1000, MNM Summerhits 2016, MNM Teens 700

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O: Outsoon, On Air 99-2, On Air 2000-1, On Air 2000-2, On Air 2000-3, On Air 20005, Orlando Trip, On Air 2001-3, On Air 2001-2, On Air 2001-1, Onvergetelijke Feesthits 1, Onvergetelijke Feesthits 2, Onvergetelijke Feesthits 3, Op Verzoek Vlaamse Hitzangeressen, Oriental Mega Hits, Outsiders, Open Tropen, Oktoberfest , Oranje Boven

P: Pharao-Dreamland, Par-T-One, Pharao Dreamland 2, Party Freekz, Passendaele 175 Jaar Belgie, Party Hits, Popcorn, Popcorn Golden Hits, Pour La Fete, Pop Van Hier, Party Hits Francais, Party Slows, Proximus Festival Cd Premium, Premium Astor Piazzolla, Premium Kids Hits, Puur Brel, Party Hits The Best Of The Best, Premium Bekaert, Passion, Promoe, Popcorn Classics, P-Magazine Badpakkenspecial Premium, Premium Pennenzakkenrock, Party Hits The Best Of The Best Rozlyne Clarke, Proximus Festival Cd, Premium Suikerrock 2006, Polonaise Hits, Prehistorie 80, Prehistorie 60, Pure Fm 2010, Popkomm 2000, Popkomm Sampler 98/2, Popkomm 2001, Progressive 2001, Planet 2000-1, Planet 2000, Palladium, Powerbase, Powerbase Top 100, Prima Donna Hits, Plankgas, Proximus Cd, Peppermill, Pmb 2, Popkomm 96, Paradise 3, Power Dance, Pukkelpop, Pure Fm Festival Invasion, Pure Fm 2010, Prehistorie '80, Prehistorie '60, Pure FM Vol. 4 Best Of, Party Classics Top 100, Pure FM 2014, Pure FM 2015

Q: Q's Top 500 Van De 00s

R: Rave Alarm 1, Rave Alarm 2, Reveillon, Rtl Kids Club, R & B Classics 2, Rap Dance, Rimpelrock, Radio Contact Hits 3, Radio Contact Mix, Rackets, Ritmo Tropical, Radio Contact, Rio Club Trax, Radio Contact Hits, Rio Club Trax 7, Real Retro 3, Real Retro Electronic Beat Classics, Retro 2, Roulez Roulez, Romantic Instrumentals, Radio Sells More Than Music, Radiohead, Rimpelrock 10 Jaar , Roulez Roulez 2, Radio 2 Topcollectie Kleinkunst, Party Top 100, Radio 2 De Vlaamse Top 10 Het Beste Van 2013, Radio 2 Topcollectie Vlaamse Klassiekers, Radio 2 Franse Klassiekers, Radio Classics 2017

S: Serious Beats 18, Serious Beats 17, Serious Beats 20, Strictly Trance 2, Summer Of 96, Strictly Trance 1, Serious Beats 19, Serious Beats 37, Serious Beats 13, Subtrance, Serious Beats 14, Serious Beats 15, Serious Beats 39, Slow Love Serie, Sylver Decade, Story Duits, Story Italiaans, Story Hollands, Story Frans, Symphonic Bolero, Spector Vol 1, Spector Vol 2, Spector Vol 3, Studio 54, Snow Party, Soul Classics, Summerhits, Star Collection, Schlagerfestival 2009, Story Vlaamse Reeks, Schlagerfestival Vol 2, Sexbomb, Summer Ambi Vol 2, Snow Party, Soul Classics, Summerhits, Star Collection, Special Reveillon 2, Superconfex Premium, Studio 54 Vol 3, Sounds Like Belgium, Schlagerfestival Vol 3, Summer Kidz, Summer Kidz 2006, Summer Kids 2007, Story Vlaamse Reeks, Schlagerfestival 2009, Starfighter, Space Ibiza Dance, Sampler 2000, Space Terraza 2000, Schizophrenic, Speedgarage Dj Paul, Sunshine Hits, Swinging Pophits, Story, Swingpaleis Live On Stage, Super Dance Hits 2000, Swingpaleis 4, Studio Brussel Cera, Sfinx, Swinging Instrumentals, Summer Hits Collection, Soul To Soul, The Same Old Songs, Summer Tunes, Soul Of Nature, Swingpaleis Live On Stage 2002, Swingpaleis Live On Stage 2004, Swing If You’re Glad To Be Gay, Superfeestmakers 5, Super Disco 3, Super 80's Hits Radio 2, Super Summer Hits, Summertime 50 Tropical Hits, Super Evergreens Vol 2, Superfeestmakers Vol 6, Silk, Spinning Beats, Second Nature, Solid Sounds 4, Solid Sounds 3, Solid Sounds 5, Serious Danger, Speedgarage, Solid Sounds 6, Systematic Parts, S.O.S., Solid Sounds 1, Smurfen, Smurfenparty, Schlagerfestival 2011, Story Hollands, Story Frans, Story Italiaans, Story Duits, Sylver Decade, Schoon Vlaams, Schlagerfestival 2013, Spring break 2013, Salut L'Artiste, Schlagerfestival 2014, Sax Appeal, Spring Break 2014, Salut L'Artiste Vol.2, Safety First, Spring Break 2015, Sinterklaas Hits, Spring Break 2016, Schlagerfestival 2016, Spring Break 2017

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News, a few Kudos, ...

Philip gave our music the perfect finishing touch, tweaking frequencies in a way we held for unimaginable. If you ever had any doubts about the importance of mastering, think again! Thank you Philip, for your professionalism and your patience.
Stéphane Alonso & Maarten Schinkel
Hello Philip, 
I have received all the mastered songs. We are very happy of the result, thanks a lot for your effectiveness and the quality of your work! See you soon, best regards,
Clément Ferreira
Morning Glory
Mister Philip,
Thank you so much for your professional expertise.
It has been a pleasure working with you.
Mastering is a world apart and you surely know what you are doing.
I look forward to our next collaboration.
Keep up the good vibe,
Hello Philip,
I allow me to tell you that the mastering of our album " The Distroy " is magnificent.
One thousand thanks you for your magnificent work.
See you soon.
Chris Vandenbogaerde, Management The Distroy.
A brilliant work again. Thank you!!!!
Romeo Bassi- The Distroy


Hi Phillip,

Top quality again and again from you. Always can't wait to get my mastering done by you. 
Great work. Keep up the great work.
Benji Whytepatch
Afrobeat / Dance Producer, Songwriter
CEO Afrojopa Records (UK).


Hey Philip,

Thanks a million for doing a great mastering job on my album I am Wilson. It's like peeling an onion….discovery of layer after layer!!
A very huge THANKS!!!
Piet (Pete) Vastenavondt.

Hi Philip,

Very nice work! Thanks for taking off the curtain and make everything sound nice! Also for the understanding  (I am not an easy one) and you delivered 100%. I'll recommend Little Major Audio Mastering with no hesitation, super work, high end material  and golden ears!!!
Chatz Kostas.


Super airy and classy mastering, with respect for all the dynamics, just the way I like it.  If you want it louder, turn up the volume yourself !
Guus Fluit
Floyd Productions.
Hi philip , thanks for a great job or should i say : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!! thnx man , you felt the vibe immediately and up-lifted this album ! you made my day / week .... year ?
LONG GONE / joris longin


Philip did a great job and excels in professional mastering. The added touch to the latest album, State of Mind! It's always a pleasure collaborating with him! Robert Lauri from Paris and his agent, Linda Vranken, Brussels


Hi Philip,

Sounds super - very satisfied :-)
Thnx for mastering the IRISH COFFEE "revisited"  album . Some have the gear but you got the taste ..... great job
Ronald VANHUFFEL - music producer  


Hi Philip
Waw!!! men, after listening the mastering track cop shop I was really blown away, you're the BEST OF THE BEST. Thanks mate and I'm really looking forward for the rest.

Have a great weekend.
Cheers, Edouard Gabriel. 


Hey Philip,
Great job, satisfied with the final result. Thanks for your dedication and patience!
Joris Peeters (Cruz)
Sint-Waldetrudisstraat 148
2200 Herentals
tel. 0032 475 40 23 75


There is listening to a track or there is sitting down closing your eyes and understanding a track.  
There is EQ'ing a voice and then there is listening to every word being said and understanding the emotions behind it.  
There is talking about dynamics or there is creating a feel to a track which makes you sit down as well and smile.  
There is mastering and then there is Little Major. 
15 years of collaboration togehter, couldn't describe it any better on what Philip brings to the table.
Dave Meyvis, 
Deep Sound Productions.

Love working with Philip ! His hearing is so refined that he distinguishes every minor detail or change and he uses the outboard to bring the best out of recordings. A real added value to a producer! Dirk Lekenne, Studio Fandango, 0486/077 504.


Dear Philip - working on a sunday for me & having such an excellent mastering makes me feel that I owe you one
Ronald VANHUFFEL - producer GHENT


Hi Philip,
Meanwhile, I listened to the mastered album.
Congratulations - fantastic work under difficult circumstances.
It sounds great.
Best regards,
Alfie Falckenbach
Music Avenue Group of Labels
It's really good Philip, you are a genius :)
Christophe Kirkoussis
1731 Zellik
I’ve been working with Philip/Little Major Mastering since the beginning of 2012. He has done numerous single- and album mastering projects for Universal so far and we could always count on his speedy and professional approach to any and every project. Recently, I’ve worked with Philip for a project of my own label (Thanks But No Thanks Records) as well and again everything went as smooth as expected. Philip keeps an open mind, taking in account mixers’ preferences and being very open to communication...which makes working with him a breeze. A++, would buy again. Stijn Debontridder / Thanks But No Thanks Records / Universal Music Belgium.
Philip, for me, you are a magician with the buttons :)
and very passionate about mastering.
Delighted with the results!, keep up the good work! 
Bart Vandermeulen
As a dj that produces his own music I always check my tunes in clubs and want them to sound big, tight and good enough to rock the dancefloor.
I have tried many mastering engineers but when I found out Little Major Mastering 
I knew that this is it!
The attitude, the patience, the service and the results are few levels above,
try it and  u will discover a new level of sound!
Jessy Nimni
You do a very good job Philip!
You're the best.
Patrick Busschots
Managing Director
Universal Music Belgium.
Hey Philip , You have mastered my song so good, great job. See you next time for some more mastering on my songs.
A.J.Sun aka Ariane Jansoone
Hey mon freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr
As always you nailed it. I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!
You did better mastering than bernie grundman (ego boost)
It sounds much better and doesnt matter if they're famous or not you can't ignore the differences.
I knew you are the right man for this track I just had that feeling all along.
Luv ya,
Yaniv Yanivi
Was an honor to work with Philip and anytime I need an opinion or a good master,
he can give me the best of it,
Sorin Chiriac
Completely OK
It's a masterpiece.
Thank you very much for the nice mastering Philip
Sam Hellemans
A&R Manager
Universal Music
ARS Entertainment
Yesterday, we’ve intensively tested Nude Nation and later in the evening yet another time on other speakers...
Sounds awesome anyway, nice to hear that there’s someone who knows what he’s doing!
Nick Van den Eynde, Patrick Viroux
Hey Philip ...I like you're housenumber..277...;) with The first collaboration together .. We started with  my first track " platoremix " and it sounds really GOOD..( it lost her virginity..)..and everything has to start.. So .. It only goes to be better...
Angelo Cammalleri
Hi Philip - Sounding pretty good buddy - Whats the cost of the full mix - Do me a good deal on this song and I'll stick the rest of the album your way.
Ed Gilmour
Hi Philip,
Thanks again for your work and enthusiasm yesterday!
Me (and everyone, from artist to management) are very happy withe the result :-)
Best regards and have a nice weekend,
Joost van den Broek
Hello Philip
Great job, sounds really powerful,
Hello Phil,
just listening to it, made me realise how professional your work is. That sounds good.
I am grateful for your help, as you fished out these problems & no one told me this before.
Thanx , !
Joseph Chefu
Hello Philip,
Thanks for mastering the song, it sounds really good now. 
We are really humbled that you want to use the song on your website, it's a pleasure for us. We allow you to upload both versions (unmastered and mastered).
Looking forward to working on other songs with you,
Cle De Sol Entertainment
Hello Philip,
My compliments for the mastering, sounds really great! 
: )
Vincent Hendriks
Never Mind Music
Thank you Philip.
Everything great!
Joske De Greef (Ms)
I have to admit that your master is the only one which is better than the ones I made myself!
I sent the track to 3 other companies (I think the 3 first ones in Google), one came back 98% the same as the original (the one I did with cubase and 
limiter/EQ/maximizer), and the high frequencies of the other one where too high.
The one you made is the only decent one for me.
Wouter Bijnens
Sounds very good !
Jo De Weerdt
ULM Product Manager
Universal Music Belgium.
Hello. I like the demo, I prefer to trust your ears, because you are professionals. thank you very much for your great work.
Slawomir Multanski
Hey Philip!
Thank you for the super masters!!!
See you soon,
Sammy Merayah
Hey Philip, Amazing work! i like it !
The Track sounds amazing !
Ziv Dayan.
Dear Phil
I wanted to thank for your great job, and your sympathie, 
I am very happy and proud to work with you Phil.
Phil thanks so so much I know it was not easy to do it , but I can tell you you did a special great work, 
Thanks so much PHIL you are so so great
Be Well and hope to see you soon,
Robert Lauri
Hello Philip,
I really like the masters.
Pieter Claeys
Great Job Philip, as Always!
Michel Follet
Magic Productions.
Hello Philip, 
I'm very satisfied.
Sounds Great!
Bart Bakker N.J.B.
Ok!! My mix is not good!!
I am now in phase of final making and I must build mix in Belgrade and then mastering!
You know your craft! 
What I want to hear!
We are in the job certainly when will I do good mix!!
Thanks for your friendship!
Everything is ok!!!
Nikola Vranic


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